Hey, I know that you are mad at me and I'm still confused about what happened on a while ago.
And you know, that I still care for you but I'm not the kind of girl that looses every single chance.
Oh, I know that we can no longer be bestfriends. And I am not hoping that WE are well again.

*Whatever happens I will be with you. Whatever challenge I will take it for you. But you were still mad at me. And you were saying such impossible things... About me.

You were crying down the stairs when I hugged you from the back and started comforting you.
Then, you heard me whispered"hush now I'm here, You'll never be alone"and still comforted me.

Now you're wond'ring why I keep telling "I'm sorry"?
Cause I don't want to have a war with you again.
Then you say...

No matter what happens I don't care cause it's you.
If you got a scar, still I will no longer care.
Yes, I'm still mad at you.
But I'm not saying such impossible things... About you.

[laira and V.A.N]
I still don't know what to do.
I can't imagine you were talking to me like that!

I, too still can't explain what I'm feeling. I'm crying with no reason and I"m dying to say...

**Whatever happens I will still be with you.
And as I promise I'll still be at your side.
And we'll promise each other we will be friends again.

(chorus with the blast verse)
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Saying Such Impossible Things Lyrics

Jo Ira Aliguyon – Saying Such Impossible Things Lyrics