Hook times 2

89, I wrote; my lyrics ain’t no joke
And I keep them bars, so please don’t get smoked
You started playin with them bars, and messed around and got smoked
You started sleepin on the kid and messed around and got woke

Verse 1

Why yall actin like rip van winkle, sleepin on me this long
If you don't conclude your narcolepsy, you get smoked like a bong
And the remnants of my past are present tense so I'm more watchful of them
Been punchin lines so long, I stopped even tryin to block all of them
In the beginning god created heaven, and earth, then me
These girls made from adams rib but I'm made from bark on a tree
Might as well be, ask me why, because money stays on my mind
Crossin the line, sane and insane, on my xbox controller, planking the game
I'm on a sabbatical, to erase every chap-a-ter
Of my past but that's impossible
Spit so much, I need throat losanges
I'm aware of my subconscious daily, so I never really dream
I project into the multiverse, objects are closer than what they seem

Rpt hook

Verse 2

No american idol so please don't worship me
I'm right below the fertile crescent, that's why israel notice me
High like an angel, first thing that comes to mind is israfael
Loud got my ears ringing, well baby, you can ring mmy bell
I was so close to eing an illumanati pawn
We hungry, so our mouths are open like a big yawn
You can't sell out and sign yourself over to a liar
What's a man to profit if he calls the opponent sire
I can feel you through the wire, and I'm not chaka khan
King, you can king me, no checkers but genghis khan
My 3rd eye revived and I felt close to being post partum
Body marked up like the subway in harlem, callem
Kaleidoscope, because now people around me are showing their true colors
I ate all of the rappers up so, impacted wisdom teeth, sawed of molars
Lyrics hard, no apartment, my bad, I am complex
If you take shots at me, I got a full body protective vest,

Rpt hook times 2
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Get Smoked Remix Lyrics

Jmack FCB – Get Smoked Remix Lyrics

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