Now that we finally have time to spend
I don't care what we do I just don't want this day to end
Feels like forever since the last we were together
Buit really it was only yesterday
So whatever it is we'll talk about it
Baby we can stay in or go out
Baby not picky about what you say
Just don't let nothing get in our way

Kick back in the house watching movies
Relax on the couch we'll go to sleep
Not picky about where we should be as long as you're with me
Baby dinner with the table set for two
Dancing in the corner of the room
Not picky about what we should do
As long as I'm with you baby

[Verse 2:]
I'm not particular about what we do
Just as long as I can spend some time with you
When we're together we just have a special chemistry
That I've never found with someone else
So I think that we were meant to be
It seems to be our destiney and
With that said I just want you all to myself
So it don't matter, don't matter, don't matter, no it don't matter
Don't matter, don't matter we can go anywhere you want to be baby
I don't care we can kick back and relax
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Not Picky Lyrics

Jle – Not Picky Lyrics