Brighter than my lighter...
Lighters in the air
If y'all think that pussy rappers should be in diapers...
Like toddler tikers
So much leather up in here
You could cloth a million bikers
Pied piper took the rats
So now I'm stuck here with these vipers
Spitting shit like they high on laxatives
On tracks they passengers
I called shotgun in this bitch
But y'all must be deaf
So I load my cartridges.
Cartridge pen paint calligraphic silence... (Shhh...)
Before I commence to get busy with this pump action!
Get 'em dizzy like some spinning axis
Thinning acids and white spirits
Haunt me when I sleep
So when I wake I'm on this planet
Just to write lyrics...
Did I Die Do Do
Did He Dum, Did He Daw?
I love to hum a tune when I'm driving in my car
Ha ha- who did who, who did ah rr?
Ain't it so bizarre that these vampires wanna bite me
When my jar is the on way to fuller?
Funny how- when it used be empty
I used to be my own worst enemy
Like from myself only God defended me
Now I'm wondering have I seen more than I was meant to see
This industry is human centipede...
When I check 'em my rearview
The man who got the more thing, he get his rear chewed
That's why we made this rare tune

That's why collectively a lot of rappers brown nosin'
Swallowing their pride and mostly posin'.
That's why we goes it alone
See what I mean?
Give a dog a bone
Now I mark my zone
With my nu-rhyme!
Dog came to me in a dream
And said "Rebirth Over" -Now it's You Time!
I'll back that shit up
Cos I told y'all it was Time's Gone
Umpteen times between my meta lines
Digging holes for myself
On rap anpheta-mines...
Layin' plans like grand designs...
They too lame to read the signs
So they just keep talkin'...
Shoot em up?
No I use 'em just for target
Practice made me perfect my practice,
Like a true war vet
Who stands tall like a cactus
Surrounded by these pricks
Who never see the whole wall
Only see the bricks...
Lucky I'm a wizard then
The Merlin of Berlin!
Guten Tag!
I got some tricks in my Rasputin Bag
To wipe my slate clean
Stick em on my Fuji Tab
When I get high in EKALA
Man, that's our music our lab!
So let me make a dollar
Writing rhymes on my refill pad
Smoke fillin' up the room
Like a scene from a reefer ad
I hold my piece cos I know deep down that beef is bad
So since I'm vegan...
I spread my bread like an eaten fad!

Brighter than my lighter... Bringing light
With the rage of a caged fighter
My books a page biter
My epochs an age lighter
Since these punks can't touch me
Cos my my games tighter!
Did I Die Do Do
Did He Dum, Did He Daw!
I hummed too soft at first
Then told me give it em raw...
So heres my jaw
I'll turn the other cheek...
Walkin' in Memphis
But the forecast is bleak
That's hollowed ground that they stumbled on
The guns are drawn and the tumble weed is gone
Dem a sound da alarm...
So I step to the mic amidst all the blackgardin'
Pull a quick draw
Like I was chillin' in my garden.
Grass is always greener when I'm grindin' over bars
In tracks from my larnyx
Call tracy chapman
Get my fast car fixed
Overtake haters
Over baked potatoes
Burning chips
Like a poker in the fire and later on your face... huhh...

Excuse my pace, please!
I like to ride the bass rough
I get going
When the going gets tough
Call their bluff
Take em back to the poker stuff
Readin' dead emcee scrolls wondering if I'll ever know enough to do this?
Well, I'm addicted to this
So watch me levitate like a buddhist.
Kikola EKALA
On your iTune list...
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Brighter Than My Lighter Lyrics

Jj Kikola – Brighter Than My Lighter Lyrics