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Why Lyrics

Jioda – Why Lyrics

A whole world divided by imaginary lines
Controlled by stripes of black on white
It’s such a cruel world

Where once you've won you’ll never lose
And if you're lost no chance to change
It’s such a cold world

Color and gender decide where you belong
Where we are born without control
In our cruel world
Stuck with a tradition of contempt and disgust for everything that’s
In our cold world

Why can’t we just walk away
Why can’t we just let them be (let them be)

Why can’t we just walk away
Leave them alone
They've done no harm
It's time to change for you and I

Why can’t we just let them be we’re all the same
We’re made the same
Throw all the differences away

Locked up in this chamber
Untouched by all the light
The ivory tower
Built by ourselves for ourselves as a refuge
Have we already lost the key

We'll curse the day
The earth turns grey
Yet still we're pressing on

Why can’t we just walk away
Why can’t we just let them be

I know, that we can’t live this life anymore
Needs we share, are all the same but different in their fate
Here we live, in the darkness we have claimed for far too long
Alone and save, it's time to start a riot in our hearts

We better learn
Before it’s too late
Soon we will burn
The surface is heating

More and more the ashes fall
Look up to the sky
Tell us what you see
Infinity, diversity
So many bound to few

The ground is cracking fire is spreading
If we just
Won’t do something
All the things we built will be lying in the dust
It will be
All for nothing

We need to change
And head towards the light
This might be the key to set us free
We must learn before we burn
The time is running out
For us

We will burn (x5)
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