Lately I've been finding myself being influenced by too many influential
I think I got myself on the road to this though
Wherever I'm going
I've been putting some distance between us girl that's right now
Can't even look at you right now
Don't even know you right now
Cut you off my mind you just another problem to me right now
Told me I'm the fake one right now
Asked you but can't tell me how
Where are we headed I think you should tell me
This isn't the last time but surely I'm gettin there
Gettin' impatient I had all the patience
Comin' to an end but I'm very gracious
For all the love and pain you been givin me
Our first conversation for the moment
Leading up to this very moment
Now I'm frozen feelin' lil nervous
I guess I should just take it
One "L" won't hurt if I got two wins
This winnin goin on for a year a half
Guess it's over time to put this shit in the past
Disappeared because I needed to get myself back
Why do I feel like I'm the only tryin'
Couldn't even tell me you were leavin
That's how u gon' end up bein
Don't even kno you right now girl
The path you're taking right now girl
Who'd u end up being in the end girl
Told me you'd never be that one girl in the end girl
Look at who you are right now
Look at who you are right now
Look at who you are right now
Look at who you are right now
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July Notions Lyrics

Jinco – July Notions Lyrics

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