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Top 5 (Dead Or Alive) Lyrics

Jin – Top 5 (Dead Or Alive) Lyrics

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Who's the best emcees?
Ain't no best
Who's the best who's the best
Ain't no best
Who's the best emcees?
Ain't no best
Top 5 dead or alive
Ain't no best

It started out with the legendary Kool Herc one of
The greats in 1980 Kurtis Blow hit us with The Breaks
From then it was on
Two years later Melle Mel dropped the Message
Round the same time I was born
Grandmaster caz cold crushin it was evident
Rakim campaignin Eric B For President
Straight out the Bronx came the one known as Kris
Boogie Down Productions rappers gettin dissed
Kane held the throne the streets knew it was his
Ever since they heard him just rhymin with Biz
Slick Rick took us on Adventures with his bling
Kool Moe Dee told us that Knowledge Is King
Meanwhile ll was rockin the bells
Chuck D and Ice T told the cops go to hell
G Rap was Kool run was the sire
Sucker mc's I never admire


10th grade I became a hiphop addict ass backwards
Copped It Was Written and then Illmatic
Some say Ready To Die was Biggie's best
But then again there's always Life After Death
Way before Dame and Jay changed views and split
On the real 22 2's was my shit
Just when you thought pac only brought drama
He had joints like Keep Ya Head Up and Dear Mama
Pun did it his way just like Carlito
Big L murdered it on Stretch and Bobbito
My man B put me on to Havoc and P
Infamous will forever be a classic to me
Odbs soul has just entered the buildin
Puffy is good but Wu Tang is for the children
Scarface ya mind playin tricks just illusions
Pharoah Monch out to Organize the confusion
Tryin to figure out this fly chick I discovered
At the same time Common said He Used to Love Her
Buckshot with his Camp Click laced up in boots
Big up to Black Thought never forgot his Roots
Keep some Dirty Rotten Scoundrel in my stereo
Can't forget Bustas verse on Scenario
Keith Murray was a lyrical assassin
When Reggie grabbed the mic it was time for some aksion
Party anthems Treach rocked without rehearsal
The Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal
Blackstar better yet Kweli and Mos
The in and out flow belongs to Jada and the Ghost
Before every X verse you hear the dogs bark
Outkast changed the game just ask Rosa Parks


Mic skills ain't got nothin to do with ya gender
Clef 's I'll but L Boogie was my favorite member
Out the Fugees the tightest to drop
Latifahs the Queen other chicks are Lyte as rock
Before nwa's family feud
Who kicked that gangsta shit like Eazy E and Cube
But still true lyricists smashin the cuts
Up verbally like Ras Kass and Kurupt
E-40 Mac Dre holdin down the bay
Still doin the thizz even though he passed away
Rest in peace it ain't about west or east
Coast beef the media can be a beast
Overnight acts just wanna top the charts
No intentions to contribute to the art
I absolutely refuse to let it fall apart
The Emcee is crafty we here to make our mark
They wanna know

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