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Jin Vs. Skitzo Lyrics

Jin – Jin Vs. Skitzo Lyrics

Yo, you a sucka and I mean it kid
My girl would never go with you
Cause she don't like guys with small penises
Don't make me have to come at you
Ay yo, cause as a rapper, you really don't have a chance
Better off asking Nelson to teach you how to dance
My freestyle is about to tear you up
I'm really somethin that you not use to
He the first one to open a fortune cookie sayin you're a loser
Four more weeks I'm in the hall of fame with posterboy
Then you can join my street team and put up posters, boy
You ain't close to me my manager's about to get me a deal
His manager's baggin groceries
Claim you clap guns supersoakers make noise
He the type to play strip poker with his boys
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