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Foolish Little Girls Lyrics

Jin – Foolish Little Girls Lyrics

This song was inspired, by all the important women in my life
My motha, my sista
And I'd like to dedicate it, to all y'all

Just keep holdin ur own
No use actin' all grown
Don't make yourself look like a (foolish little girl)
Let'em know whatchu worth
You the queen of this earth
Think otherwise and you a (foolish little girl)

This is a dedication, nope this is medication
The antidote for the poison fed to a generation
Through s**, lies, and video tapes
Slow down, live your lives, put your foot on the brakes
Youngin's are taught to get low
But they self-esteem has hit rock bottom so how much further can they go?
I ain't here to knock the next man from getting his cash
But 12-year olds singin songs bout shakin that ass
Its quite disturbin, yea you make the joints for adults
But kids got ears too, so what's the results?
Playgrounds filled with self-proclaimed bitches and hoes
Who grow up to be groupies taking pictures at shows
I get sick to my stomach, no signs of deceasing
Morals are nonexistent and values are decreasing
What's once ignorant blinded by what I couldn't see
Can't let my little sister be a (foolish little girl)

[Chorus 2x]

They label men dogs, cause we get weak in the flesh
So it takes a strong woman to keep us in check
Never neglect, the fact that she's the foundation
Undeniably God's most beautiful creation
Body heavenly, similar to constellations
Elevatin my mind thru daily conversations
Confrontations, well we will make up your sensation
No practice patience during her menstruation
Cycle, once a month, I'm at your beckon call
This is a older female's, gotta respect 'em all
From 13 to 30, age shouldn't be a factor
If life was a movie, she's the best supporting actor
I mean actress, but you see the point I'm makin (and what's that?)
For granted is not, how she should be taken
If anything, yo she deserves an applause
You can only see perfection if you look beneath the flaws

[Chorus 2x]

Got my priorities in order
This is for my unborn daughter
So she'll remember everything that her daddy taught her
9 outta 10 guys are only after one thing
If you find Mr. Right make sure you treat him like a king
Be wise, don't be fooled by the size of the bling
Cause real love could never be defined by a ring
Watch out for the lies, in this crazy world
In my eyes, none of y'all good enough for my baby girl

[Chorus 4x]
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