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Chinese Beats (Skit) Lyrics

Jin – Chinese Beats (Skit) Lyrics

Got..my Cds on deck and everything ready [Jin]..
Yo waddup, waddup waddup my man [guy]?
Oh Jin MC wassap, baby 'Jo maiyo' {he? pronounces it wrong} [Jin]
Aight it's, 'Jo maiya' actually but it's coo' man [guy]
Oh uh, I c u I c u laughs *[Jin]-(guy)*
Aight u, got u..came wit tha beats rite (yeah? i got it rite here) Yo Ive been waiting to hear this joint Yo. go ahead put, the CD in rite there yo (aight,hold on) yea I need that crack for this album yo [guy]
I got crack for u baby This.. like This..like my chinese club joint Like. it's crazy like, cut..*off [Jin]*
Chinese club joint [guy]?!
it's crazy joint *being played Intro's*
sick Its.....hype {
Music*playing guy, singing uh: huh my, chinese people in tha club say hoo ([Jin]Oh.shit )..and if u wit my people let me cut..*off [guy]*

man that was crazy yo [Jin]!
Yea go to the next one [guy]
they in the club like 'whooo.. '!![Jin]yea
it's coo' nah.. it's hot tho it's.. coo' yo u got something else tho u? play like u.. can play tha next beat yo that's? coo' u know but I need something different yo [guy]-(Jin)I
got this joint rite here (uh huh) this called the chinese fly this. shits crazy joint. *being played flies* goin everywhere(pshh u can't be serious) I got it from a flick and all that shit it's crazy (go ahead yo play, it) guy*singing Jins: tha name Jins tha name woo Jins tha name Jins tha name woo Jins tha name Ji-. ahh chika urr this is tha remix [Jin]
Yao stop, it stop it stop..it yo stop it [guy]
laughing *woo* u hear that shit [Jin]?
it's coo' nah.. its.. Imma..its..coo' man but. yo I want some real shit like I need I, need that fire yo I need something different Im. tryn'a change tha game yo Lemme. get somethin yo c'mon. man I know u got more beats [guy]-(Jin)
I got some Outkast Bang. (oh wut u got) I got this chinese outkast shit it's. crazy joint *played it's* a chinese Caroline (chinese wut )?!Chinese Caroline that's, Caroline singing 'oohhh' (yo...wut, happened to tha beats oh?!..shit YO..YO TURN THAT SHIT OFF YO )!guy *making noises to go wit tha joint (THAT* SHIT IS GARBAGE )!GARBAGE Psschh? aint, u Chinese
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