Verse 1 (Jimmy Skoog):
Papa was a rolling stone
'Cause his fears would keep him awake and chase him coast to coast
All the while my mama just smiled and taught us to hold our own
But late at night I could hear her crying, she was so alone

She was so alone and I did not know anything but this
Wasn't even pissed when he finally returned
We all had dinner then we went into our rooms
And they set our whole world on fire, let it burn

Thought we never heard, yeah - we heard
All the mean words, how it got worse
Bullied at school but I never said a word
I always wanted them to solve their shit first

Didn't really have no choice so I just swallowed my disappointment
Hollow and distant from the rest, just following distant voices
Too restless to enjoy it, running for the hills trying to fill that void
And the truth is I don't really care 'cause I'd do anything just to kill
That noise

Of the two of them fighting, staying in my room just writing
Saying to myself when I grow up I don't want to be like them
The world's so big and frightening's
What they want you to believe, but in order to be me I've got to leave
Before the night ends...

Chorus (Peter Krafft):
I keep chasing that sunrise
To get away just for one night
Far, where the wild things are

I'm not afraid of the dark, no fear at all
I'm not even scared we're worlds apart
I know you will find me where the wild things are...

Verse 2 (Jimmy Skoog):
Woke up from a dream, felt the wind of change blowing
Eyes wide open as my pond turned to an ocean
I set sail for greatness, wouldn't slow down for no one
Though they tried to hold me down, I never stopped just kept going

Yeah, I just kept going, so devoted to the thought of becoming so much more

Than the man I was so I just kept pushing for those golden shores
Like I always knew that I would meet somebody that would climb aboard
That would have my heart and show me through the storm to the place where
The lions roar

Someone who will only love the things worth fighting for
Someone who will only live for the things worth dying for
And that girl will have my kids
And I'll treat 'em all like royalty, every night I'll tell 'em this
(I-I'll tell 'em...)

Bridge (in Swedish - translation at the bottom):
Jag stеare hдare vid er sida, lovar att stanna kvar
Jag дlskar er mer дn livet och ger er vart andetag jag tar
Sе tvivla ej, mina kдra, det дare ingen fara
Fцare om jag nеnsin faller sе ses vi I Nangijala...

Chorus (Peter Krafft):
I keep chasing that sunrise
To get away just for one night
Far, where the wild things are

Direct translation of the bridge:
I'm standing by your side, I promise I'll never leave
I love you more than life itself and I'll give every breath I'll take
So have no fears, my loved ones, don't you worry
'Cause if I ever fall I'll see you in Nangijala...
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Wild Things Lyrics

Jimmy Skoog – Wild Things Lyrics

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