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Cold Shoulder Lyrics

Jimmy P. – Cold Shoulder Lyrics

[Verse 1: Jimmy P.]
I express lyrics in ways that you can relate to
How would you feel if someone said in your face that they hate you?
I got it daily- stuff to rarely smile over
Get in my shoes, this is shit you walk a mile over
Record labels don’t want me- they’re my family
I’m angry cuz I don’t think people can understand me
I don’t want a hand out, just wanna stand out
Get this cash fast, some paper to help my man out
Might’ve heard my demo and fell in love with the punch lines
This is real rap, talking about the crunch time
That happens when you’re the one that is standing between
You and your dreams of cream and being in magazines
And when it seems like things just can’t go any worse
Don’t stop cuz you’ll never know how close you were
To being on the billboard charts, it’s all over
You gave up your soul and the goal to the cold shoulder

[Hook: Jimmy P]
A cold wind is blowing and I know it
Cuz I’ve had a cold shoulder all of my life
So stop giving the cold shoulders


[Verse 2: Jimmy P.]
How am I supposed to write without an inspiration?
Dedicating this to those facing situations
Create frustrations, making you all complacent
Living in a basement, awaiting the payments
Living check to check has got me in my room pacing
Gotta bust my ass or else I’m on the pavement
I know I can make it if I work hard enough
Try hard enough, push, kick and strive hard enough
I write lyrics every day and respond to my fan mail
Running with my momentum and don’t ever stand there
My shot came here fast but it can go even faster
That means I have to grab ahold of the dream that I’m after
A dream deferred is not in my literature
I’m a little bit more mature, more competent with words
They can say men can move mountains- I’ma start with a boulder
Holding the weight of the world on my cold shoulders


[Verse 3: Jimmy P.]
Freedom of thought, bleeding, feeding all of the chaos
Reading your palm, meeting dead and gone in a séance
Taking crayons, writing messages and confessions
My mind is being read; my brain waves can be detected
To get inside my head is the job of a new detective
I must be a deviant who’s needing to be corrected
It’s ineffective, thinking the thoughts of the masses
They were clearly brainwashed, their thoughts not so reactive
My actions are all acting, so I look interactive
However I’m held captive, feeling like I’ve been trapped in
A brand new world where the struggle has got me covered
Feeling pretty troubled from watching Big Brother
And my doublethink is on the brink of extinction
With thoughts that sink in, have you started thinking?
About your life changing as you get older?
Have a warm heart but keep the cold shoulder

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