" Black tree "

Deep in the middle notice some marks,
Eyes that shine and tears that sparks,
Go up and tell her what's wrong,
And maybe after you'll write her a song.

Take her hand from behind,
Treat her heart not her mind,
Cut yourself loose from all the robes,
Yeah.. And cut yourself loose from all the hopes.

Grass colored green or brown,
A hat on my head or a crown,
To drown in your thoughts or the sea,
In all of them you can't make a sound.

Napkins won't stop the flooding tears,
Words won't block all the fears,
A little faith may do you good,
I would've helped if i knew i could.

Problems comes out from nowhere,
And to everywhere they lead,
Your heart is holding more than you could ever bare,
But still it works so well indeed.

I once thought what if the trees,
Were colored black instead of green,
But now i know that's how you look,
A black tree with a broken brook.

Turn up the metres up to the sky,
The purpose we're born to is to die,
Don't give a fuck to the ants on earth,
You're not like them in the shape or girth.

Even if lighting on you struck,
Maybe it's just the cause of luck,
Don't build every scene on fate,
"Fate don't fit" you love that phrase.

"And please don't be another melody,
That repeats the same rhyme and symphony",
I guess these words are printed on your wall,
I hope they ever managed to touch your soul.

And if you ever wanna cut your hair,
A longer hair will surely seed,
Your heart is holding more than you could bare,
But still it works so good indeed
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Black Tree Lyrics

Jimmy Elbert – Black Tree Lyrics

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