This sacred patch of ground
One hundred yards of earth
300 feet to test our hearts and prove our worth
And every ounce of pride - we've ever held inside
Will give us strength - when we are face down in the dirt

So let the snow fall down
Let the cold rain freeze the ground
Feel the chill - share the thrill
We're the clay that shapes this town


These are the heros - that echo through the night
These are the trials - that raise us to new heights
Wo-oh - we are the heros that keep this dream alive
We are the heros - these are the heros of our life

We can bridge the great divide - carry on the flame
With a heart so bold, green and gold runs through our veins
When the clock is runnin down, ya make every second count
We pull as one - kickin hard and taken names

We'll stand alone
A single wall of stone
We will take the heat - even turn defeat
Into a victory of it's own

These are heros -that echo through the night
This is the spirit - that brings our dream to life
Wo-oh we are the hereos in an everymans disguise
We are the heros, these are the heros of our life
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Bring On THe Hero's Lyrics

Jimi Jamison – Bring On THe Hero's Lyrics