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Sweet Sixteen Lyrics

Jim Gaven – Sweet Sixteen Lyrics

1st Verse:

Hey what's up nothing much how about you and it's all the same time goes by we're online it's what's to do 2 can play that game make a list blow a kiss twirl your hair wish upon a star and when you miss throw a fit and you'll care but it's not who you are


Sixteen years gone by can we fake it just one last time while we slow dance the night away under the moonlight (2nd and 3rd chorus add on->In hopes of finding out an easy way to never change or grow old and stay at this age; 3rd chorus add on->Sixteen years gone by{3x} and immortalized in your eyes was it love or a waste of time? This is the time of our lives)

2nd Verse:

So what's new up with you and did you hear that Jimmy's got a crush I wonder who as he makes his move out of fear now he's starting to blush nevermind all the lines that your friend's use cause they don't make much sense finding out that you doubt there's nothing to prove and no one to impress


1 time 2 many 3rd time's the charm 4 you to make up 5 good reasons while the 6th one caused you harm commercials during 7th heaven let the news at 8 report that 9 times 10 is the percent of 11 and 12 lost at war and 13 is the lucky number and lucky's just what you are all your life you've been building up for the heartbreaks and the scars and by 14 you'll know everything about life and you'll claim that 15's getting old too quickly and next year's much the same..
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