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Circumstantial Evidence Lyrics

Jim Ed Brown – Circumstantial Evidence Lyrics

You were there when he was the same place the same night
I believe them because description fit you right
They said the tall vicious blonde with eyes like stars of blue
Kissed his lips and laughed at nothing just the way you do
They went on to say you fit in his arms like a glove
That positive identity was you and your old love
With tearful eyes you said to me you leave the incidence
And I put you away with circumstantial evidence
[ steel ]
I guess I'll always wonder how many souls have paid
As witness after witness prove steps they've never made
Try convicted and condemn for crimes they didn't do
Your old love still cared enough to take the stand for you
He's the only one that came around in your behalf
Enough alike to be your twin was his wife's photograph
Now the words ring loud and clear newly the incidence
Oh and it's lonely here with circumstantial evidence
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