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Dear Felicia Lyrics

Jim Cosgrove – Dear Felicia Lyrics

Dear Felicia,
I guess everything is okay now
I remember all the times we hung out together
With all your other friends
Well, to be honest I didn't really like them
They just seemed so weird to me (to me)
I'm still missing you
I guess you're not gonna come back

Dear Felicia,
Everything is just so plain now
You use to make everything fun
But now, it's turned to dust
I'm not sure if this friendship can keep alive (keep alive)
Cause we really don't have time to write to each other
Each and every day
Ooh Ooh...

Dear Felicia, (Dear Felicia)
I want to thank you for my best friend
Ever since we were so young
Without you, it would be different
So yeah, you're a true friend
You were there till the end
And you cheered me on all the way
Said something random when there was
Nothing else to say

Oh, Dear Felicia,
How do you love someone
When you don't have a friend to back you up
This is getting kinda hard now
I'm not sure if I can pull through
Please e-mail me back with support
I guess that's all I need
That's all I need! (yeah)

Ooh! Dear Felicia, (Dear Felicia)
I want to thank you again
Your support helped me succeed
With the one I'm in love with
If you hadn't done that
I'd just be crying day and night
So, thank you (thank you)
You're everything what a friend should be
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