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City Drops Into The Night Lyrics

Jim Carroll – City Drops Into The Night Lyrics

It's when billy's whores are re to seeorkin'
They're workin' with the skeleton crew
It's when the sky over jersey
That sky starts to drain from view
It's when my woman pawns her voice so
So she can make her old excuses sound new

But I just want one clue

'cause when the city drops into the night
Before the darkness there's one moment of light
When everything seems clear
The other side, it seems so near
What seemed wrong?
I think it's gonna be just about right
Before the city drops, the city drops
Into the night

It's when the door to the river
That door is like 26 miles
It's when ambitious little girls start
They start to dream about a change in style
It's when the slick boys got their fingers
They got their fingers in the telephone dial

But I think I'll just wait a while

Repeat refrain

It's when the sneak thieves are checkin'
They're checkin the alleys for unlocked doors
And billy's sister's gettin' frantic 'cause
'cause billy's sister's little brother can't score
It's when the woman from the dream is. ..
Oh my god! That's the woman on the floor

Each promise was just one promise more

Repeat refrain

It's when teddy's ghost is on the roof
Beatin' his drum
And teddy's best friend is two blocks east
And he's makin' teddy's ex-girlfriend come
You know, they mistook teddy's blind trust. ..
Just to prove that teddy was dumb. ..
But listen, you know, I think they are both just scum

Repeat refrain

It's when the body at the bottom,
That body is my own reflection
But it ain't hip to sink that low
Unless you're gonna make a resurrection
They're always gonna come to your door
They're gonna say, "it's just a routine inspection"
But what you get when you open your door
What you get is just another injection
And there's always gonna be one more
With just a little bit less until the next one
They wait in shadows and steal the light from your eyes
To them vision's just some costly infection
But listen, you should come with me
I'm the fire, I'm the fire's reflection
I'm just a constant warning to take the other direction

Mister, I am your connection

Repeat refrain
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