I can't remember when
I truly felt my life begin
So much has changed
I've become a stranger again

You are my life right now and
I can't remember how
I ever did it without you
I'll be thinking about you today
Today, today, today

Suddenly you're there
Everything we share
We play with each other's hair
This can't really be fair

Knowing you're nearby
Keeping our feet dry
Sharing a pizza pie
Don't even need to try.

No hesitations
Need no occasion
Look how much we have done

I'm feeling silly now
Thinking how I could ever doubt
We'd be together
I'll be here whenever you say

I'll bring the dvds
You bring those chunks of cheese
Maybe we'll dance
Just give it a chance
Let's play
Play, play, play

Laughing til we scream
Better than it seems
Better than any dream
You know how much you mean

Then when the day ends
And if the time lends
I only want to spend
Time with these friends

No reservations
Pure liberation
Look how much we have done

You better meet me at the Holiday Club tonight
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Holiday Club Lyrics

Jim And The Povolos – Holiday Club Lyrics