Verse 1:
Day one, and we've just begun
Living lives that are miles apart
Breathe in, and let this begin,
I won't stop this before it can start.

When I lose all sight of my faith,
When it's hidden by heartache in fears that we'll fade
I find solace just to hear you say,

Don't let these doubts
Break us now
We can learn how,
How to believe, how to believe.

Verse 2:
Day two, and all I can do
Is to dream about you coming home.
Breathe out, I don't want to doubt this
But know that my hopes are hung low.


Now I'm dangling from words lingering on your lips
And I'm longing for kisses I desperately miss
And I'm still holding on to these memories
Hopelessly, with all of me...

Verse 3:
Day three, are you missing me
The same way I'm aching for you...

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How To Believe Lyrics

Jillian Valentine – How To Believe Lyrics

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