I get out of the underground
Near Hollywood and vine
I had the whole train to myself
No one ever rides

I'm in my costume
My mask and tights
I'm Spiderman, I'm Spiderman

They're calling for a lovely day
The tourists sure are out
And here comes one as I speak
To take my photo now

His daughter jumps up on my back
She wants to climb the walls
We're Spiderman, we're Spiderman

I moved out here from Evansville
Seven years ago
The first week I'm an extra on
Well, you know that tv show

And if you blink you miss me
But you can't miss me now
I'm Spiderman, I'm Spiderman

Did you hear there was a fight?
They arrested Captain Jack
And Princess Leia got so trashed
She won't be coming back
Like Spiderman, like Spiderman

Now the sun is going down
On the boulevard
A German couple try to match
The footprints of the stars

The tips were pretty good today
Tomorrow I'll return like Spiderman
I'm Spiderman, like Spiderman
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Spiderman Lyrics

Jill Sobule – Spiderman Lyrics