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Pit-Stop Lyrics

JID – Pit-Stop Lyrics

Grade A, Grade A, Grade A

This is my motherfuckin' cakewalk
One more time again, I call it my motherfuckin' cakewalk
Motherfuckin' is not in the title, but I call it shit
My motherfuckin' cakewalk, 'cause it's a cakewalk, you feel me
I'm out here, shout out to, uh
Shout out to Carlo Terevani, my white boy
Up there in Canada doin' your thing
Shout out to Tay James, one time for Tay James
No, no no, two times for Tay James
And ten times for goddamn Jack Swain
We out here, we doin' this thing, you feel me
This is my cakewalk
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