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Won't Play The Games Lyrics

Jhene – Won't Play The Games Lyrics

I'm not tryna mess with ya'll
I know what ya'll gonna try to do
Tryna hook me up with him, and let me talk o him, and make.....naw man, naw
I don't want to experiment and date around you know?
I just want one guy like.....I'm not, I'm not with all that meeting people, and testing the water, and stuff like that no!
I just want to date one guy and see where it goes from there

(Verse 1)
There's no reason for me to do what you want me to, that's the truth
Wanna chill by myself and it's cool
Despite what you may think
Cause I say when the time is right
The real thing will come into my life
And until then, I'm so satified
And happy with me ohh

Ain't looking for nobody though they're saying that I should
I ain't really searching cause I know what I'm looking for
Nothing to figure out, nothing to talk about
I won't play the games
Don't wanna catch a show with every hottie in the hood
I ain't really stressen cause I know what I need and more
Nothing to think about, nothing to talk about
I won't play the game

(Verse 2)
Think I'm lonely and I'm hurting, hoping and searching for love
But that just ain't the case
When I'm home alone, or chillin with my friends
I do it at my own pace
Just cause you could figure out what real love is all about
Don't even think that's what I feel inside, cause I'm not tryna rush it
These things take time


You may think I'm crazy baby
But I got my mind made up, it's true
I'm not wasting time
Trying to find
What destiny has prepared for me
So I don't wanna talk no more no

(Chorus 2x)
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