Why don't you come with me
Show you how things would be
Kickin it relaxin and
Chillin with your favorite man
We'll have a good time
Yeah a good time
Sippin on some fine wine
Livin in the limelight
Forget your man
He don't give a damnn
And if he really did
Then why he cheat 5 times?
C'mon girl
I'll take you to a private park
Together you and me
Kickin it till it gets dark
Now tell me
Ain't that a better plan
Feeling what I'm saying ma'
I hope you understand
That I, really,
Wanna give you the world
Give it to ya baby girl
And let our passion unfurl
Yup now you know that's it's free
Que tu dice mamita
Porque yo digo que si
Te lo juro que tu no te vas a repentir
And all you gotta do girl is...


[Verse 2:]

Now, yeah we movin on to phase two
I hope you like me girl
Cuz you know I like you (you)
They say that love is bliss
I never knew it existed
Until a moment like this
(Now come with me)
Now, take a look at tha stars
Yeah we havin a good time
Without the money and cars
(Yup) Cuz everything with you is beautiful
I make you feel things girl that
You ain't never felt before
All you had to do was take my hand
Pack your bags go get ready cuz we travelin mann
You like the beach?
Then have a seat
We'll travel first class girl
All tha way to Trinidad
Soakin in the sun (yup)
Sippin on some rum (yup)
Yeah we having fun
And now we bout to light one
Now sit back and let the good times roll
Cuz this is where it all begins girl
Lets go...

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Come With Me Lyrics

J.Flo – Come With Me Lyrics

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