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Zoo Song Lyrics

J.f.a. – Zoo Song Lyrics

Well, once in a town by Kapokee Land
There was a path, a sea and a land
The neighbors weren't very nice though
They made is a mysterious place to go

The giraffes they didn't' know what to do they weren't very happy at the zoo
They stretched their long and slender necks
To try and get the leaves
They couldn't and the gorillas cried boo hoo
They didn't' dig life at the zoo
They could only eat and piss and poo
While the humans examined everything they'd do

They teased and laughed at the animals
Made faces at the animals
But what the humans didn't know
They were confined in cages that didn't show
So the peopel came and went away
Back to the ever daily day
With little to do and less to say
And their minds would wander
And their thoughts would stray

Past the walls of Kapookee Land
Castles of mud, rivers of sand
What they wouldn't understand
Is they lived in a prison built by man
So man survived and life went on
Stood on the verge of getting it on
Never knowing all along
That somewhere something was all wrong

The walls that he sat behind
Were vague and undefined
And so he'd never find
He was confined inside
Our bars are invisible
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