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Juney Jones Lyrics

The Jet Age Of Tomorrow – Juney Jones Lyrics

[Verse 1: Mac Miller]
Yeah, delusional, highly unusual
Still getting pussy off a recent Scary Movie role (very unique character)
Weird ass Stanley Kubrick flow
Don't go to church, a sanctuary in my studio (whoa)
He there the nicest
Sometimes you'd swear he psychic
Hypochondriacs keep away from laryngitis (germs)
I stay humble but I'm better than the most of you
Got your bitch butt naked twerking in my photo booth
She off a load of shrooms, everything is ocean blue
Listening to Dipset, reciting all the quotables
Black Benz but the steering wheel oak wood
Keep doing drugs because the high feels so good
Jimmy used to go and cop from sloot there in homewood
Til the drugs dealer put their numbers in the phonebook
Don't look, it's me, Speak and Matt Martian
I'm ventura all my clothes Phat Farm

Still be posted getting faded
Mellow and sedated
Might stop now to see the look on all their faces
Crying when rain fall down
Can't keep crying when the rain fall down
Bitch look like my favorite
Met her out in vegas
S'all the same cuz I seen they never change
Shit, crying when the rain falls down
Can't keep crying when the rain fall- down

[Verse 2: Speak!]
Pervert life's number one smut peddler (Perv!)
Wild MILF predator, I'm posted like a senator (Perv!)
Every week Speak! got another mistress
She give my dick a kiss-kiss but never keep my interest (Nah!)
Board em on the public transit, next to crack addicts who look like they transmit
Signals from another planet, shit everybody spaced out
Tough luck shawty never seems to beat the 8-count
12 ounce mouse still fuckin with some pussy cat
Catatonic body parts tryna get my feelings back (Drizzy!)
Speaky, AKA Black Morrisey
Drunk, Disorderly and morally void
Hit my Darren's dance screws then I shoot up some roids
Long hair like Agassi in 89'
Pastels in Wimbledon the summer is mine (French Open, Bonjour)


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