Well I don't know about you
But there's not a lot that I want to do
I could get a job in a bank...
... No I don't think so

But I've seen the ad I want the car
And all the things that make life just fine, don't they?
If you can have it, I can have it
All that's yours can surely be mine

And it's one for the money
To keep up with the Jones'
So you can look around and see you're not alone

Money wasn't meant for the poor
And it's truer now than ever before
You either have it or you don't
So where do you fit?

It's never never when you need it
Always always when you don't but that's life
And I really wouldn't care if I could only have a share of the good life

And it's one for the money...

All in all, you know it's too easy
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One For The Money Lyrics

Jesus Jones – One For The Money Lyrics

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