(J. Roberts)
Jesus christ
In a sidecar
Where are you
Have you gone very far
Jesus christ
Super star
What are you doing
In my sidecar
Jesus christ
Trigonal planar
Who are you
What is your bond angle
Jesus h
Fucking christ
Why is it
That I have no life
Jesus christ
On the floor
Is it true
Bob dole's next door
Jesus christ
In the cheese
The date's expired
Its moldy and green
Jesus christ
Likes chinese
Why do I get blessed
Everytime I sneeze
Jesus christ
In my sidecar
Where have you gone
With my sidecar
Jesus christ
Hit his head
Should've worn a helmet
But now he's dead
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Bob In A Sidecar Lyrics

Jesus In A Sidecar – Bob In A Sidecar Lyrics