Don? T walk too close
Don? T breathe so soft
Don? T sing a song for me
Don? T talk so sweet
Don' lay so near
Don? T say that you love me

Cause I? M an insect
And I? M creeping
And I? M crawling
I move like a worm
Where is ma sling?
Where is my stone?
Where is the weapon to fight this apathy

That feels like sleep in my limbs
Enlaced by ropes of steel
That dries my throat beclouds my brain,
Impedes my eyes to see

Whenever you regret your lies
I will be close to you
Wherever you will face the truth I? Ll be there

So many times
I? Ve cared too much,
Standing on the edge
Encouraging myself with lies
Suspecting where you slept.

Where is my Angel?
Where is my Golden One?
Oh where my Goddess has gone?
Where are the blue skies?
And all the passion?
That torment, that heat, that pain

Paralyzing everything!
Rigid... Numb... Covered with ice
Being beaten like a dog!
Is there a difference anymore?
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Close To You Lyrics

Jester's Tears – Close To You Lyrics