I've tried to tune it out
But everyones talking about you
And I like the sound
Of what I've been hearing
But I need proof
Don't wanna leave it up to my imagination
Everybody's got their own interpretation
Maybe I don't deserve an explanation
I can't tell
Is it real is it true
What I hear about you
That you love me, love me
That's what everybody's saying
Can it be that you see
Something beautiful in me
Well it sounds too good to be true
What I hear about you
I tell myself
Their only just rumors
Don't buy in
Oh but I can't help
Hoping that I'm wrong
In the end
I don't know what to think under these conditions
Never really been here in this position
All I know for sure is there's no dismissing
The way I feel
Is sounding so amazing
Cause I've been waiting
Hoping you would find me
Even though you said it
I still don't get it
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What I Hear Lyrics

Jessie Daniels – What I Hear Lyrics