The room's ours...
Let me help you unwind
It's so hot in here
Loosen up that suit and tie

You know what it is
It's all about you tonight (baby)
Lay your head back, relax (relax)
'Cause I don't want your body light
Whenever you want it
Whatever you need
Baby, I'm coming for ya
Tell me you need it
No need to repeat it
Baby, I'm almost there
We're not going out tonight babe

'Cause tonight I'm giving you more you know
When I hear you screaming my name
So put up the sign
I don't wanna go
Baby, tell 'em "No"
Tell 'em "Do not disturb!"
Do not disturb!
Do not disturb!
No oh
Do not disturb!
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Do Not Disturb Lyrics

Jessi Malay – Do Not Disturb Lyrics