(Spoken: Here’s a love song for you)

I’d like to say that I could see
The target of my destiny
And that it guided everything I do
I’d like to think that I could take
A drink of you and walk away
But God and I both know that’s not true

Someday I’m bound to be free
I’ll be stronger for whatever I’ve been through
For the moment I’ll remain
Captive of the human brain
That you had sent to pieces over you

Sorry that I put you through
The one thing that I couldn’t do
Is get along together or apart
Thanking you for leaving me
Wiser that I used to be
Just a little harder in my heart

Someday I’m bound to be free
And I’ll be ready for whatever road I choose
For the moment I remain
Captive on the human brain
That you would send to pieces over you
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The Captive Lyrics

Jessi Colter – The Captive Lyrics