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One Way Or Another Lyrics

Jesse McCartney – One Way Or Another Lyrics

Over here in California the sun may be shining
Back in New York there is a frost on the ground
I can feel it Christmas is coming
Somewhere snow is falling all around

In Chicago the wind is a'blowin'
Honululu the waves are washing ashore
In Miami the temperature is climbing
But in Boston it's starting to pour

Oh, don't you know that one way or another
I'll be coming home for Christmas day
Doesn't matter any kind of weather
You know that I'll always find a way (find a way)
And we'll be celebrating all the goods thing we share
Everybody knows who will be there
I'm gonna be there too
Yeah, I promise one way or another
I'm gonna get back home to you [oh, gonna get back home)

Down in Mississippi the river is risin'
In Minnesota, kids are staying inside
Oh, chilly noses pressed up to the window
Getting ready for Christmas time

'Cause whatever the change in the weather
Oh, Santa he still got places to go
Tunin' up on his jing-jing-jingling sleigh bells
And rehearsing jolly "ho, ho, hos"


I'm coming home for Christmas candy canes and mistletoe
(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
I'm gonna find a way so I can get back

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