Mama keep the fires burning
Soon I'll be returning
Intervals of distant learning
The world keeps turning

In failed love lie the seeds of madness
But you taught me to uproot all my sadness
Your words are never indifferent
Make others insignificant
Ever benevolent
You know how to level it
Mama clear my head again
Outweigh the negative element
Remind me how to be compassionate
I need a little light of your intelligence
To balance my malevolence


And now I hear your voice
In every single choice I take
Every decision I make
Your words resonate when my heart is at stake
Travel the world in your wake
Your faith makes it easier wherever I am
To carry through with the plan
Never alone I catch you on the phone
Love it when you call laugh about it all
Until the traffic's on it's way but I wish you could stay


When I'm slipping away...
Mama you're always there


You and Papa always said you were blessed
When we came into the world but I'm blessed
To be a mama's girl yes 'cause that makes me a princess
You're a queen and then every and anybody
Finds it hard to be mean to my little sis
Life is inconsistent and your phone is engaged
She calls me 'cause I know what you would say
Baby just be, baby just be brave
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Mama Fire Lyrics

Jess Harlen – Mama Fire Lyrics