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D.N.R. Lyrics

Jesca Hoop – D.N.R. Lyrics

Winter’s dark morning woke my dad
The diabetic didn’t feel his feet step out of bed
The truck filled with TV dinners
Needing delivering round town
They would drive behind the paper boy throwin’ them headlines out
And no antidepressant of sort
Could change the weather report
When the wind chill factor was high he took the whole bottle down
He’s got his paperwork now

Jesus wants me for a sunbeam, he raised his kids up right
But bein raised in the light of Christ adds insult to injury that night
When the mail order brides and the phone sex and his negligence became real
The wall covered in spit how’s it to make your teenage daughters feel
He called his flame that never died
She could hear something weren’t right
Now we’ve got one more failed attempt at a suicide
Keep it right by your side
By no heroic measure
Restart restart his heart

A lonely heart was the black hole that did him in
From the first attempt to his current critical condition
Now were talking over who will take the dog if he’s gonna make it through again
And were takin’ turns tell him the stories of the good times worth rememberin’
And then my sister asked
Are we prayin’ for him to pass
And no one dared speak out loud but we all knew
And pushed the paperwork through
By no heroic measure
Restart restart his heart

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