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Yeah Lyrics

Jerzee Monet – Yeah Lyrics


Come on!
National Anthem, wassup!


Bilingual for you baby!
Oui.... Si... Yeah


Come on!


Feelin like one of dem days
Goin shoppin
Buy my own things
Makin my fun
Don't need him givin me none
Call my girls
Get cha own dough
Spend ya own dough
Tell him for sho
Let him know
You doin ya own thang
You don't need nothin

Hold up wait a minute all my girls say
Gotta cha own Benjamins in the bank say
Don't need no man, know ya hot say
Earned all that cha got don't stop say
Hold up wait a minute where's my Mercedes say
Pushin the chromed out champagned Mercedes
Low key, eyes drop, girl make em think
Hold ya own stay strong and make it big

Show them just
How you get down
Wrist on freeze
Toting ice box
Rollin now
Me and my crew
20 inch blades
Double are gots
It's your life
Run your own game
Know your own game
Live your own game
Let them know you doing your thing
And you don't need nothing


I don't need no body but myself
I can stand on my own, on my own
Baby, I don't need no body but myself
I can stand on my own, on my own

Uh uh uh yeah
Hold up
Listen up playboy
I'm like the pick of the litter
And if I wanna cop it from what shines and glitters
I do it all from my bills to toys in the mall
And I ain't sayin I'm perfect
But there ain't too many flaws dawg
Don't get offended
Cause I'm livin happily
And just cause I got it
Don't mean you can't pamper me
Accept gifts but that don't put a stamp on me
Feel me baby on it wit bc and Jerzee

[Chorus and Hook]

[Repeat to fade]
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