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One Way St. Lyrics

Jersey – One Way St. Lyrics

More than a year's gone by since I lost my mother
Since she left I've thought well what's the point
I've thought well I don't know what I'm doing here
What's the point if the meaning's not clear?
But after crying, the clouds are clearing
My mother's teaching me to make a mark
You see she, she lived with pride and she, spoke her mind and
When she left, that's what she left behind

The point we're missing
It's not what you had, it's how you lived
The point we're missing
It's who you were and what you did

Don't need no diamond rings
Don't need to live like kings
And I still don't know what we're doing here
Try to make a mark and make my presence clear
To challenge right wing culture and move beyond
Live for life, it's not too far gone
Exist or live, is time well spent?
And once you start thinking then you'll know


It's and Iconoclast, has your moment passed?
There's time to make it right
You've got to try and to try cause there's just no giving in

I'm on the outside, on the outside looking in
I saw the battle of a lifetime
And she tried, and we tried, and we're never giving in
Because I'll see you on the bright side


It's how you live and it's who you were
It's what you did... It's a one way street
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