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Leavin' Texas Lyrics

Jerry Jeff Walker – Leavin' Texas Lyrics

Texas this morning the sounds they just sing to me
I feel alive again and with every footstep that's settin me free
Hey old friends,
Keep alive the good times we've had in those rollin',
Rollin' hills
They will always be a part of me
Whenever I think of Texas memories

Oh Texas I'm just a little lost but I'm keepin' on,
Just like that morning star, that's ahead of me,
I keep shinin' on
'til I make it to the borders of the Rio Grande
There I'll catch me one last sunset 'cross the prairie

Well everything is movin right, so movin's right
Still I can't deny that old loneliness that comes sometimes
But every mile and footstep goin' down
Ain't no way a man keeps a count,
You just never forget that lonely stretch
Where you keep on for keepin on

Chorus x 2
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