There’s always time for everything there’s always time for joy
And there are moments when we laugh and cry
And every moment that we share we always treasure
Every smile, every tear we have shared throughout the year.

Through bad times come along the way we never said of letting go
Coz we believe there’s always room to grow
Yes you were always there for me and I was there for you
When we’re up, when we’re down
We share defeat, we share the crown.

Can I just hug you for a moment coz it’s time to say goodbye
I know you know whatever happens you’ll be always in heart
And wherever I go, I just want you to know
Though I may not be there but my heart will always stay with you

All the photographs we have are happy memories
Though sometimes colors of those pictures fade
Yes we remember all those days we spend together
But as time passes by will all those memories survive.

A friend loved at all times
Will never leave you alone
But as time sets us apart
You can carry a piece of my heart
Of my heart…
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Hug You For A Moment Lyrics

Jerome Suson – Hug You For A Moment Lyrics