Dance floor
Dance floor

Verse 1:
I was took you into go
And you're the type that moves too slow
Get on up and follow next to me
To the beat, anything you see
Upside down or on your knees
The choice is yours
And versatile, baby
Choose the place, go anywhere
Lollipop or Fred Astaire
Give me room
I need some space to move
If you get a bit confused
And have nothing else to do
Jermaine will tell you what to do
Choose your own


Ah, yeah

Verse 2:
If you find a perfect place
On the roof on subway train
The choice is yours
Create a holiday
Dj play something right
Scratch my feet and mix my mind
It's time to go all the way tonight
Hurry up, make up your mind
All until the early light
Never stop
I found a place to be
Streak on earth has got to be
Well, get a blast on every street
Don't predact if you feel it's like you
Choose your own

Chorus 2X

Dance floor
Dance, dance, dance
Dance, dance, dance
Dance floor

Verse 3:
A roller side in too keep fit
Another way to move your hip
Cancel down
I've got so far to go
No closet to be locked in
The word is out
Don't tell your friends
It's time for the celebration
Choose your own

Chorus 5X until the end
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Dance Floor Lyrics

Jermaine Stewart – Dance Floor Lyrics

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