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Novocain Lyrics

Jeremy Messersmith – Novocain Lyrics

I used to be so young
But now I'm oh so beaten down
My friends are nowhere to be found
I find myself alone

I could have been someone
But now my name is a just a ghost
My reputation is a joke
My eyes won't cry

So could you pass me the needle?
I want a brand new scar
I need a shot of Novocain
To numb my heart
Could you pass me the bottle?
Make it something hard
Cause there ain't enough
Novocain to numb my broken heart

I tried to get ahead
But life has always been unjust
It's grinding dreams into the dust and
I've had my fill

Please could you spare a dime
I need to wet my aching throat
So I can say goodbye to hope
It's sure been swell
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