Jack: them streets down there they sucked the life outa my old man well they ain't doin that to me!
Crutchie: but everyone wants to come to New York
Jack: You keep your small life in a big city, give me a big life in a small town. (Sang) They say folks is dying to get here me I'm dying to get away. To a little town out west that spanking new. And while I ain't never been there I can see it clear as day. If you want, I betchu you can see it too. Close your eyes come with me, where it's clean and green and pretty and they went and made a city outta clay haha. Why the minute that you get there folks will walk right up and say welcome home son welcome home to Santa Fe (hold for 3 beats). Land of crops splitting rails swapping tails around the fire ,except for Sunday when you lie around all day (hold for 3 beats) soon your friends are more like family and theys beggin you to stay (hold for 2 beats) ain't that neat! Livin sweet in Santa Fe (hold for 4 beats). (Spoken) Hey no one worries about no gimp leg in Santa Fe you just hop a palamino you ride in style!
Crutchie: (laughs) picture me ridin in style!
Jack: hey I bet a few months of clean air you can toss that crutch for good!
Both: Santa Fe (hold for 3 beats) you can bet we won't let them bastards best us, we won't beg no one to treat us fair and square (hold for 3 beats) there's a life that's worth the livin and im gonna do my share (hold for 2 beats) work the land, chase the sun swim the whole we won't grant us for fun!!
Crutchie: watch me stand! Watch me run!
Jack: hey.. Heyy (sang) don't you know that we's a family would I let you down? No way, just hold on kid 'til that train meets Santa Fe (hold for 5 beats get deeper but softer)
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Santa Fe (Prologue) Lyrics

Jeremy Jordan – Santa Fe (Prologue) Lyrics

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