Recorded by Jeremy Castle

Words and Music by Jeremy Castle
Copyright 1998 Jeremy Castle(Bmi)
Innerforce Publishing (Bmi)
Produced by Joe Settlemires
Destiny Records (Bmi)

Key of E
(fast tempo)

(Fiddle Intro)

(E) Hey, now she's a pretty little sweety and I love her and I wanna
Make her (A) mine
(B) With some effort and some patience and some chasin' and a little bit
Of (E) time
(E) With some huggin' and some squeezin' and some kissin', we can keep
It right on (A) line
(B) And then I'll tell her everything will be all right and then we're
Gonna make it (E) fine

Verse 1:
(E) Hey, I knew it when I met her that I'd love her and I'd never go (A)
(B) So I've gotta do the things that'll please her so she'll always
Wanna (E) stay
(E) I didn't really mean to hurt her, but I did and now I'm runnin' out
Of (A) time
(B) Ya' know, I'd be a fool to lose her. If I did, ya' know, I'd
Probably lose my (E) mind



Verse 2:
(E) If the girl you love's an Okie, then you know that she's just gotta
Be the (A) one
(B) 'Cause it's the girls from Oklahoma who make livin' in the country
So much (E) fun
(E) I think I'll take her to a farm out in Blanchard and we'll watch the
Setting (A) sun
(B) And then we'll live and love together 'til we're old and then we'll
Say we've just (E) begun



Tag at end of final chorus:
(B) She's a pretty little sweety and I love her and I wanna make her (E)
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I Wanna Make Her Mine Lyrics

Jeremy Castle – I Wanna Make Her Mine Lyrics