On the mountain rise, maintain, break through the sky
Fly so f-ing, god is my pilot
Yes, god is my pilot
Yes, I am on my shit
Black jungle squad, have a sip
You should try this, get lifted until you realize that
Until you realize we the next in the fly zone
Why you got high hopes for that bullshit?
Like preachers in the pulpit, pull shit, cause shit
No ice involved, no rice, roll dice and the hood go hype
For sand a few money go seem like living's like merely flipping birds
You think it's that easy
But it's many lives on this search so believe me
Tryna squeeze through at the same time
Only get a nigga stun, paralyzed
Jealousy ain't the aim, we just gotta shift the eyes
Why though? we need the answer, not the lie
Like the cancer get fried, radiation in the mind
Don't hold the phone way too close
But I guess we already out of time
We out of time
See the sunrise
They see the sun rise
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Mountain Rise Lyrics

Jeremiah Jae – Mountain Rise Lyrics

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