The colors of the sky is changing
Fear covers the ground around us all
Here moral is like a sunset fading
It's time to stand, so why do we choose to fall?
They're attacking on the shoreline
Is there no one else who will guard the frontline?
The enemy is here, invading our space
The battle begins, put on your warrior face
It's like I'm sitting in a foxhole
I feel like I'm hiding from everything I know
Communications lines are breaking fast
How long will this last?

Here I am (and I'm waiting for you)
Here I am (make me a soldier)
Here I am (I could be so much more)
Use me like a weapon built for war

I'll take my chance on the warzone
I don't believe you'll leave me here alone
And if I'm dead by the time it's over
I want to be remembered as a soldier
And can I fight on the frontline?
I've only got one shot this time around
I won't be able to fight forever
It's now or never

Here I am, Here I am
Here I am, use me, use me (2x)
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Built For War Lyrics

Jeremiah Franklin – Built For War Lyrics

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