Look Out across the Sea
Do you remember me?
Here on an Island in The Sky
Feel your face in the breeze
Your kiss in every raindrop
Sunsets remind me of goodbye
Feels like just yesterday
I could feel every heartbeat
Hear every whisper in the wind
Do you still smile that way?
The way my heart remembers
My heart remembers everything
My heart remembers everything

A thousand miles away
Another year without your love
Another cloudless day
Spent wishing I could see your sun
Now your so far away
Across an ocean wave
Another year, another mile, another night can't take your love away

I hold onto the past
Hold on to all the memories
Live every day like it's a dream
Cos if I lose the faith
Then I lose our tomorrow
Hold onto who we used to be
Hold on till someday you find me


It's been so long, it's been so long
Without meaning
I've tried to find my way back to the beginning
And when I think of you I think of home
It's the one place, it's the one place
I don't feel alone
It's the one place, it's the one place I can call my own
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Can't Take Your Love Away Lyrics

Jennifer Rafferty – Can't Take Your Love Away Lyrics