Moments to remember,
All you've given me.
Moments to remember,
That big part of me (?)

Darling, I won't forget it,
Those sweet memories,
With you-ou-ou.

I've got moments to remember,
Now that you have gone.
Moments about you,
They grow on and on.

How you used to love me,
Nobody but these...
Memories of you.

Ohh, woah...

I hope someday,
We'll be together, yeah.
Just like we used to be.

Until that day,
I can remember,
Memories, sweet memories,
Of that?

Ohh, woah...
Moments to remember,
Of an everlasting love.
Morning came to get you (?)
Swear by the stars up above.

Please come back in a hurry,
Baby, don't make me worry,
So I can have sweet memories,
Of you.

Oh woah,
Sweet memories,
Of you.

Sweet, sweet, sweet memories of you...
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Moments To Remember Lyrics

Jennell Hawkins – Moments To Remember Lyrics

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