Funny how life goes
And we take all with no warning,
It's like one minute,
It's alright
Then suddenly everything's upside down
Situations change,
Close becomes distant

Oh how the difference
Takes away, what was right
Can't talk accept to fight
Only seeing it from one side
It was the right thing to walk away
Though it hurt me I'm better of for it baby
Now I can say

For my lost friends
Now stops bad feeling
I've put it in the past
The ways we went wrong

For all lost friends
Though it cost time healing
I'm better off from it, better

Oh baby lifes too short
To hold on to a grudge from so long ago
Don't let it, stay inside
It's time to forget how you let me down
Oh cause people change
Now we're so different

I'm letting the blame go
Moving on with my life
Get rid cast aside
Don't worry it'll be alright
Times so quick you forget just what was there
Said I'm better for what we shared
I want thank you for it
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For My Lost Friends Lyrics

Jenna G – For My Lost Friends Lyrics