Black cotton suit and a black tell
Black... In the black scale
I swear that you never felt pain
Till you see the heart when you beatin on the flat lane
Heart like a... Lead me when I see that
I betraying me fat... Bringin me back
... Full of... As much... As long as these memories lack in... The dark
How you feed it on a liquor like a 80 for a grow up
So I just... I'll be looking round the face... From broke...
Now I'm tryin to see the... Pick
I've been drowning... But I'm feeling...
Tryin to fly the strong minute on a weak day is...
Tryin to find a dress spottin the deep way
And if the in crowd is all I see these days I'll be out
I've seen the...

You have seen the love one dot
You never seen the people that you never trust in life
I've seen some crazy shit in my life
It doesn't feel the same no
I feel cold inside, cold inside, cold inside, cold
I feel cold inside, cold inside, cold inside, cold oh oh

I got the bottles in Atlanta I've been killin em...
Flock full of green... Bros by the...

I've been up drinking all the clock seen in two days
Rose by the... I've been up thinking at all the clock two...
Tryin to find the silver line but all I see is blue days
Seing people that I know who tyey see is...
Tryin to cool my... Is to ringing out for two...
I just pick an old excuse they wait in a new way
Even though I know the sounds
We can... Tuesday but you... I'm standing at the cross roads
Got a flag with a sculling, two cross bones
See them lord of shit now I need to know the flow
I can see my choppin spirit becoming a love soul
Say Alain Delon let me deal with it
Only kill to... If you real with it
Copy naked if again I'm tryin to progress
That I swear I'm seeing... See in no less


Which... Take back to...
Take back all the... And the badness
I did that made me coldest
Cold inside cold... Cold inside, cold inside
You'll be... To the madness. The badness
... That made me cold inside, cols inside,
Cold inside

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Cold Inside Lyrics

Jelluzz – Cold Inside Lyrics

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