She was the best thing that I'd ever seen
Her long dark hair was calling out to me
Her eyes were blue
Just like the sea
I should have known she'd never like me
Everybody told me stay away from her
That girl is trouble you'll get what you deserve
I didn't listen her eyes were just too sweet
I learned my lesson as she made a fool of me
I must be stupid 'cause I'm the one who cried
I must be stupid cause I fell for a lie
But now I know the devil's in that girl
I must be stupid 'cause I'm the one who fell
Fell in love
Sometimes I still see her out at night
Every time I see her she's with a different guy
It felt so right
How could it be wrong
She said she loved me
Then she was gone
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I Must Be Stupid Lyrics

Jeffries Fan Club – I Must Be Stupid Lyrics